SCG Canada Leadership

Shanghai Construction Group Canada Corporation (SCGCC) management and leadership team has years of experience and expertise in tunnelling construction, quality control, regulation and safety

Weifeng (Winfred) Zhang


Winfred is the president of SCG Canada and SCG America who oversees the operation management of North America

Junfeng (Alex) Ye

Vice President

From establishment of the company, Alex has been intimately involved in contract negotiation, managing construction projects for every project SCG Canada has undertaken as well as taking charge of the company’s operation management.

Zhongquan Fu

Director of SCGCC Tunneling Division

Since 2014 Zhongquan has been with SCG Canada as leadership in technical support and on-site control, profound understanding of the mechanism of sliplinning and TBM/MTBM operation.

Zhongquan has 17 years of technical and managerial experience regarding underground tunneling construction

Yang Bai

Construction Manager

From 2014 Yang has been with SCG Canada as leading manager, he supervises everyday construction, QA & QC as well as overview critical activities.

With 10 years of experience in TBM tunneling, Yang is well trained and effective in using TBM technology in projects spanning a variety of different soil and technical challenges.

Steve Joyes

Safety Manager

Started in 2019 with SCG Canada, Steve takes charge in maintaining and updating the company HSE policy as well as ensure that the company achieves a strict level of compliance with industry standards and legislative requirements

Steve is a safety professional with over 16 years of experience in OHS and COR compliance regarding construction