St Albert North Interceptor Trunk

  • Duration: 2017-2019
  • Client: City of St Albert
  • Project Type: Water/Wastewater
  • Project Publication: Read here

Project Overview

This project consisted of the construction of phase 3 of the St. Albert North Interceptor Sanitary Trunk (NIT), and manhole access infrastructure to support residential and commercial growth in St. Albert’s northern neighborhoods and districts. This project was approximately 3.12 km long. There were 19 manhole (MH) and shaft accessed points along the NIT ranging from 3.1 m to 13.7 m deep. The NIT conveyed sewage via gravity flew in a 1.5m diameter line along its entire alignment except for the crossing under the Sturgeon River where sewage would be conveyed via siphon flow through three smaller diameter lines (40 cm, 40 cm, and 65 cm diameter).

Challenges and solutions:

  1. Groundwater present and sand and clay conditions encountered
  2. Faced significant restrictions during construction (public and traffic impact, site space limitation)
  3. Construction located within an urban residential area
  4. Experienced on-site oil contamination